Geraldo the Giraffe (The Diaries of Robin's Toys) - Ken Lake, Angie Lake
"I had learned a valuable lesson and never wanted to eat so much again"

I'm glad to say that I win a copy of this book with Goodreads First Read. I mean, I've never imagined to be so lucky! Wow :)

Well, 'Giraldo the Giraffe' is a great children book. Yes, it is funny, smiley but it is also really instructive and that's important!
The book tells a story about bullism and weight problems.
Will Robin, his grandad and Giraldo help Caroline, a classmate of Robin?

Thank to Ken and Angie Lake for this great lesson!

Ps: While you were reading, you probably noticed my terrible grammar! D: Aargh, I' m sorry!
All these English books will help me to improve my knowledge ;)